MasFood Nyonya Cuisine Series Instant Vegetarian Curry Paste


MasFood Instant Vegetarian Curry Paste

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Lemongrass, Chili, Spice, Ginger, Sugar, Galangai, Salt, Palm Oil, MSG (E621) & Preservative (E211).
1. A packet of Masfood Instant Vegetarian Curry Paste
2. Vegetable, potato 500gm
2. Water 400ml (2 cups),
3. Thick coconut milk 200gm
1. Mix the curry paste together with vegetable and potato in a pot and
cook until aromatic.
2. Add in water. Bring to boil
3. Add in coconut milk.
4. Slimmer over low heat until vegetable is tender. (Approx: 20 minutes)

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