About Sauce and Paste

We love having delicious food sharing with family and friends. Many of us are working or busy running errands and do not have much time to spend in the kitchen preparing and cooking.

Yes, we can order take-out and delivery, but sometimes we would like to have healthy home-cooked food.

Our family loves curry. To cook a nice curry from raw ingredients is going to take lots of time to prepare the curry paste. Without much experience in mixing spices and herbs, the curry will not taste good.

I am not good at cooking and do not like spending lots of time in the kitchen cooking, unless on special occasions. I like to cook quick and and easy meal.

We tried to cook using instant curry paste and it is delicious. Our family loves it so much and since then we are happy to use the authentic instant curry paste to prepare delicious curry dishes in our own kitchen.

It is very easy and convenient to prepare and cook curry using instant curry paste. There is easy to follow cooking instructions. We have been spending less time preparing and cooking, instead we have more time enjoying our meals.

This leads us to create this website to share the different types of instant curry paste and you can prepare a delicious dish for your family and friends.