Tean’s Curry Laksa Gourmet Paste


Tean’s Gourmet Paste For Curry Laksa

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Tean’s Curry Laksa Gourmet Paste


  • 1.5 litre Water
  • 150ml Coconut milk or Milk (evaporated milk)
  • 100g Fried bean curds, diced
  • 450g Cooked yellow noodles (Shanghai noodles), blanched
  • Bean sprouts, blanched
  • Cooked chicken slices
  • Cooked fish cake, sliced
  • Hard-boiled eggs, peel and diced
  • Laksa leaves or curry leaves or mint leaves

Cooking Instructions:

Tean's Paste for Curry Laksa-Cooking

  1. Mix 1 packet of Tean’s Gourmet Paste for Curry Laksa in 1.5 litre boiling water. Bring to boil.
  2. Add in 150ml thick coconut milk and 100g fried bean curds. Bring to boil.
  3. Prepare cooked yellow noodles and bean sprouts in a bowl, and add in slices of meat,
    fish cakes, hard-boiled eggs and mint leaves.
  4. Pour the hot curry laksa soup into the bowl. Serve hot.

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