How I made Nyonya Kueh Talam in Easy Steps

Nyonya Kueh Talam

Nyonya Kueh Talam, or Tray Cake, is a two-layer cake of different colours and/or flavours. It is usually steamed in a baking tray, hence the name tray cake. Traditionally from Indonesia, rice flour, coconut milk and pandan leaves are used. However, we added green bean flour, cornflour, and tapioca flour to the mix. Also use … Read more

Amazing Baked Nyonya Tapioca Kueh

Nyonya Tapioca Kueh removed from pan

Nyonya tapioca kueh (娘惹木薯糕), or Kueh Bingka Ubi Kayu in Malay, is a favourite dessert in Singapore & Malaysia. It is made primarily with Tapioca root and coconut milk. And in this recipe, you can control if you want a smooth cake or a chewier textured one. Also, the tapioca texture will enhance the flavour … Read more

Quick Guide: Making Delicious Prawn Crackers

How to make Prawn Crackers Fried

How to make prawn crackers, a popular and delicious crispy treat in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. By changing the main ingredient, you can make fish crackers, or even make prawn crackers without prawns. (A bit of a misnomer, but you get the idea). What is so special about Prawn Crackers? Authentic prawn crackers are made … Read more

Tender Juicy Chicken in 3 Easy Ways

Chicken Rice

So you cooked a delicious Hainanese Chicken Rice. Now you need tender juicy chicken to serve with the rice. There are many ways to cook the soft tender juicy chicken to serve with Hainanese Chicken Rice. Here we list the 3 easy ways. If you use a whole chicken, remove and discard the chicken head, … Read more

A Brief History of Nyonya

Nyonya Kueh

Zheng He Journey to the West 鄭和下西洋 In Ming Dynasty, China Emperor Yongle ordered naval envoys out to explore the world. Treasure ships sailed across the Indian Ocean and beyond. The main purpose was to forge alliances and to flaunt the glory of Imperial Ming China. In my opinion, securing exotic novelty treasures for Emperor … Read more